Discover the world of Extreme High Resolution SEM

The Verios is the second generation of FEI’s leading XHR SEM family, offering subnanometer resolution over the full 1 keV to 30 keV energy range with excellent materials contrast. Its extraordinary low-voltage performance provides extremely precise, surfacespecific information that has been unavailable previously from other techniques.

Extends SEM Capability

In the Semiconductor and Data Storage markets, the Verios’s unprecedented performance significantly extends SEM capability to the 22 nm node and below, offering a complete solution for basic research, process and material development, process control and failure analysis. It delivers accurate, repeatable measurement results, even on extremely sensitive materials. Combined with FEI’s IC3DTM metrology software, Verios provides the precise measurements needed to control the technology development process. The Verios features industry leading performance without compromising the high throughput, sample flexibility and ease of traditional SEM.

The Highest Resolution and Contrast Required for Materials Research

For Materials Scientists, the Verios enables important new insights by extending subnanometer characterization to novel materials being developed today (e.g., catalyst particles, nanotubes, porosities, interfaces, biological objects and other nanoscale structures). High-resolution, high-contrast images are obtained without the need to transition to TEM or other imaging techniques. Verios offers all the flexibility required from Research applications to accommodate large specimens like full wafers or metallurgical samples, perform fast analysis thanks to its high current mode or work on precise prototyping applications such as electron beam-induced direct deposition of materials or lithography.

Boost Accuracy with Superior Performance

The outstanding imaging capabilities of the Verios begin with the Elstar™ FESEM column. On top of its integrated monochromator (UC) and beam deceleration, which enables Verios’s unique low kV performance, the Elstar features other unique technologies such as constant power lenses for higher thermal stability and electrostatic scanning for higher deflection linearity which leads to better measurement accuracy. Its traditional throughthe-lens detector, set for highest collection efficiency of SE (secondary electrons) and on-axis BSE (backscattered electrons), is complemented by two new in-column detectors and signal filtering capabilities for stunning resolution and refined materials contrast. Furthermore, an optional STEM (scanning transmission electron mode) detector provides superior performance on thin S/TEM samples.

Empowered by its evolutionary xT software platform, the Verios addresses both the occasional user with a simple yet robust interface, and the SEM expert who can rely on the instrument’s flexibility and extended controls for XHR work.

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